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Competition ยป How to enter


How to enter

For the competition, Galilean Nights has chosen to use one of the most popular and easy to use photo sharing websites, Flickr. Entering the competition is a straight forward process: sign up to Flickr and become a member of the Galilean Nights group (; upload your photograph with the correct tags and then simply add it to the group. Easy!

When entering the competition remember the following points:

1. Tag your photos correctly. To enter the Earth and Sky category, your photo must have the tags: "competition" and "earthandsky". To enter the Beyond Earth category, your photo must have the tags: "competition" and "beyondearth".

2. Photographs must be taken between 17 September 2009 and 27 October 2009 and must be submitted to the group by the end of 27 October 2009.

3. For the purposes of the competition, Galilean Objects are taken to be:
The Sun; Venus; The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn; The Milky Way; The Pleiades (Messier object 45); The Beehive Cluster (Messier object 44) and The Orion Nebula (Messier object 42).

4. You should submit no more than three (3) photos to each category.

5. If your photograph is shortlisted, you will be contacted the week commencing Monday 30 November. You will be asked for a high resolution photo (ideally 6 megapixels, but at least 1200 pixels along the shortest side, 300dpi) some details about yourself and your photograph and you will have one (1) week to respond.

6. By submitting your photograph to the competition, you are agreeing to the competition rules.