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News Updates » 25 October 2009


Galilean Nights in Gingin

We had a blast over the Galilean Nights in Gingin, Western Australia. At Gingin Observatory ( we hosted a great event called ‘Local Food, Local Stars’ on Saturday, 24 October. After a delicious meal of local lamb, quail, homemade pasta and fresh local produce, we all headed up to the observatory to do some stargazing. Jupiter was a good highlight of course. Plus Alpha Centauri, 47 Tuc, Silver Coin Galaxy and more. It had been cloudy all day, but the power of Galilean Nights produced a spectacular evening of viewing through the largest telescope available for public access in Australia!

Last night (Sunday), we couldn’t help ourselves and opened up Gingin Observatory for a free public open night. In excess of 120 people travelled an hour or more up from Perth to Gingin to take part in a this fabulous night. Lotterywest generously supported our lead West Australain science centre, Scitech, to host this evening ( A true taste of astronomy!

All round – a very delicious weekend of Galilean Nights!!

Carol Redford
Gingin Observatory