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News Updates » 05 November 2009


Fascinating astronomy for everyone!

There is no doubt that every big project first appears like a hard thing to do, but when cooperation hands and no surrendering souls are gathering together then every thing become easy and continuing very easy and smoothly.

Although Amateur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan have very limited material and financial support here in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, but we made our ever biggest event during the (Great) International Year of Astronomy 2009.

The idea of astronomical exhibition is belong to several years ago after the first (Hand Made) astronomical maps and diagrams which was hold by Azhy Chato Hasan on June, 16.1996 and the first Photocopied Astro photos Exhibition to celebrating with the 31st memorial for 1stb landing on the Moon on July,21.1999.

But this time every thing was different with 105 images, posters, and giant maps, and also for the first time there was images sent by our honorary members, Mr.Hasan Alwan Alsabbar the founder of Al-Sabbar Private Observatory from Al-Dewanya Governorate and Mr.Sadalden Shukri Hussein from Kirkuk Governorate from Iraq, Babak Tafreshi from Iran, and photos from Mike Simmons and Wally Pacholka from USA in our exhibition, beside our photos and a very nice collection of NASA probes images which was about:

The exhibition and Galilean Nights are gathered together and the result was like an astronomical festival between October, 22-24.2009 in the center of Shanadar Park and its interesting gallery.

There were thousands of guests, astronomy friends and lovers, verity guests and tourists from Iraqi governorates, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Norway, UK, Costa Rica and USA. Some of foreign guests were (semi shocked!) by this exhibition and they do not expect to see something like that in Iraq and Kurdistan.


When the Giant appears very glory!

Most of the exhibition guests got a nice chance to looking from the MEADE LX200 to the Solar System Giant Planet (Jupiter), and sure, for the 1st time on their life!

Such a magnificent object here! A light yellow ball with 2 brown equatorial belts and and 4 bright spots around it.

Peoples asked about the physical facts about Jupiter and it’s Galelian Satellites, after we announced that all this activity is to remind peoples about what Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei done about 400 years ago and we should appreciating his efforts toward exploring the Solar System and his theoretical ideas about the solar system.

The event lifted a big impact in every one who was visited the exhibition and watched to charmed images of the universe and it’s fascinating colors, and then the Giant Planet through the telescope, some of them said that this was most wonderful and interesting day in their life and it was a great experience to looking at Jupiter as

Galileo make it 400 years ago, and we are here very lucky to looking at this Jupiter also to listen and looking at the greatest facts and figures of the universe…

It was really the day which was appeared on the logo of the IYA2009 (The Universe…Yours to Discover!).

Rojgar Hamid