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The Galileo Experience

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Astrophotography competition winners

Many congratulations to the winners and runners-up of the Galilean Nights Astrophotography competition! The judges had a difficult task in assessing the many excellent entries and the winning photos were of outstanding quality.

Astrophotography competition shortlist announced

On 22-24 October 2009, the Galilean Nights Cornerstone Project took place all over the world and was a great success, with over 1300 events in almost 90 countries. Alongside the public observing sessions where hundreds of thousands of people looked to the night sky, many also turned their cameras to the stars and took part in the Galilean Nights Astrophotography Competition.

Targoviste festival in Romania

The Romanian Society for Metors and Astonomy (SARM) was the national coordinator for Galilean Nights in Romania, and registered events developed by SARM and other astronomical groups in 18 Romanian towns. The largest of them was organized by SARM in Targoviste (a former Capital of the Romanian Land)

Submit your event report

Just over two weeks since the end of the official Galilean Nights dates, if you haven't already submitted your report to us, then please fill in the form as soon as possible. We will soon be selecting winners for the Galilean Nights awards, but we can only consider events that we have reports for. Submit your report by the end of Monday 16th November to be sure of consideration.

... the end of... the Galilean Nights group blog

Not so long ago, I had the honor of writing the first post in the Galilean Nights Blog. Now, I’m twice honored in closing the door I opened three weeks ago.

Fascinating astronomy for everyone!

There is no doubt that every big project first appears like a hard thing to do, but with cooperating hands and no surrendering souls, then everything becomes easy and continues easily and smoothly.

Tips for ensuring a legacy

I'm sure all of us involved with the Year of Astronomy hope some level of similar programming will continue in 2010 and beyond in our communities, to bring astronomy to as wide an audience as possible. Here are some of my thoughts on how best to make that happen

The spirit behind the scenes

400 years ago Galileo Galilee made his small telescope and pointed it to the sky. He saw the satellites of Jupiter, the phases of Venus, dark spots on the face fo the Sun and craters on the Moon. He just reported what he saw and talked about his results. He uncovered evidence that supported a heliocentric model of the world. But observation was not safe work at that time.

Thousands of Galieo moments in Hefei

The joint observation of Hefei Universities for Galilean Nights was organised by the Association of Amateur Astronomers of the University of Science and Technology of China (AAA of USTC).

Galilean Nights in Pune

Galilean Nights was a global star party held across the world on the evenings of 22-24 October 2009, to commemorate 400 years since Galileo first looked to the heavens and changed the Universe for us, forever. When news came in regarding Galilean Nights, we decided to hold a small event ourselves, on the night of the 22nd October 2009

Jupiter Ho! ... from aboard a cruise ship!

I had the great fortune to be a guest speaker aboard the Golden Princess cruise ship for her two week journey from Los Angeles California to Hawaii during the Galilean Nights! When we were not in port, I gave a total of seven presentations on Astronomy and Space Exploration topics. I wasn't sure what kind of attendance I would receive with all the distractions of a luxurious cruise ship, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found I had a stron following of over 100 people looking forward to each talk.

Submit your event report

Now that Galilean Nights is over, let us know how your activities went, fill in the report template and share your stories, photographs and statistics with us. Your reports will also help us to analyse the success of Galilean Nights as a global event and you may even win a event award.

The last Galilean Night for Uruguay… when the wind blows…

We closed the Galilean Nights amid electoral chaos and weather alert. But despite the insane weather patterns we forced the elements to take a truce and our school students armed with their XO’s, laptops that the state provides each of the students in Uruguay, without distinction, we had our Night for Galileo.

Galilean Nights in Gingin

We had a blast over the Galilean Nights in Gingin, Western Australia. At Gingin Observatory ( we hosted a great event called ‘Local Food, Local Stars’ on Saturday, 24 October. After a delicious meal of local lamb, quail, homemade pasta and fresh local produce, we all headed up to the observatory to do some stargazing.

After the clouds, Jupiter

When somebody who’s English is chosen to coordinate an astronomy outreach project such as Galilean Nights is it perhaps inevitable that rain and cloud will “stop play” for at least part of the event? I say, “don’t be absurd”, and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want any cancelled events to be all my fault…